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natural. soy if we talked about anything on the show, you want to get more information about, visit our website. thanks for being with us. [applause]
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how about some of the player notice they don't go back to work. he is practicing now. i'm sure he will want to get out there f joe thornton calls take it. >> we'll find a spot. >> give us a run down. >> black friday at home and saturday at home. black friday and lose your money you have $12 left to come to the game. you have the finest head of publicity. >> nice to see you, pat.
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a church is preparing meals. look at the turkeys there.
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and we're live in san francisco, i know this is one of the big spots for this, charles. >> reporter: it is the big one those are hams sitting up in the back here where tomorrow in the room they will cut it up. 500 people will serve.
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sunny skies. fremont 64. same for this afternoon. and 66 degrees. 65 over in santa clara and the east way and 65 and 66 on tap. as we take a look at thou thanksgiving. and warmer in through low 60s
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to ocean beach. especially for this time of year and we'll start to cool things down by the middle of next week and rain and wednesday and thursday. you will have more on the extended forecast. we are picking up a couple of problems in the traffic department. we have a sig alert. and we're not seeing any slowing but the lanes were blocked. i believe it is side ways and another car slammed into it so expect maybe some delays in the eastbound direction. it will not affect many people going to work. heading out of town to a family
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member's home. this could cause problems no estimated time of when they expect to have it open. this will be up in a bit. and a closure and jacqueline road and northbound 680. that's closed due to flooding. no problems to report here. and the san mateo bridge. from end to end and 101 the colden gate bridge you are good to go out of the north. >> thank you. >> part of ocean beach is closed as crews try to clean up a sewage discharge. it is around 1 a.m. yesterday. and the department of public works say the beach has no swimming advisory as the tests are conducted. officials say 90% of the discharge is rain water and there have been no reports of
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foul odors. it is on the sand of the beach and on a pedestrian promenade. no estimate when it will reopen. 580 is back open after it was shut down for nearly two hours last night. here is video from sky 7. it shows us. this is a ground shot, the investigation was related to suspects in the vehicles shooting at each other. and no victims have been reported. that continues. an 18-year-old woman was found on a street in her underwear after being sexually assaulted. she said she was abducted and assaulted after accepting a ride from someone near seminary. opd said the victim was driven to mountain would where she was assaulted. she was assaulted at knife
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point. the city council to be the new and the seaport the fifth busiest in the us and about 20 miles waterfront and other parties -- properties as well. the. police are searching for a driver. a pedestrian was killed yesterday at an the intersection of alum rock in east oakland. and the man was hit the second person was hit who stopped. he was not in the crosswalk. the car is described as a
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sedan. this is the ninth fatality so far this year in san jose. >> 26-year-old man is charged with a series of violent crimes including firing on a police officer. that person is in custody after making a court appearance. he was charged with murder with special circumstances, robbery. assault with a firearm on an officer and receiving a stolen vehicle. >> he is charged with murder and he is eligible for life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> he was one of two men who conducted four armed robberies shooting oneman during a carjacking attempt and involved in a gun fight with police officers. they are still looking for the second alleged accomplice. he did not enter a plea but return to court on december 5th
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. si is reporting that a decision to start kaepernick was not based on smith's condition. and he tossed two touchdowns, compileed a 133 passer rating and earned good reviews from his teammates on monday against the bears. he will be under center on sunday. we'll take a break. 4:23. we'll have more headlines in a moment.
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let's talk some world news. after eight days of rocket attacks. game and hamas have agreed to a ceasefire. leaders helped broker the deal. here you see the secretary
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standing with egypt's president. whether it will end still remains to be scene. hamas has fired five times since it started. we have reaction from a demonstration. >> reporter: the about the kill palestinians. >> it has been going on for a while. they have been bombed to a ten times worse than it has been. it has been a struggle for them out there. we're protesting against that. >> reporter: they say the genocide is out of control. they believe the occupation is illegal. >> it is motivated by profit and consumes the lives of palestinians. i just got back there six months ago, it is terrible. >> reporter: and officers
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patrolled with the sea of protesters who hope their voices will be heard. >> maybe obama will do something about it, but we're not going to -- there will not be peace until we get peace for them. we'll be following the situation out in the middle east and report any changes throughout the day. in the meantime let's go outside. we have a look here from a best buy where people are in line waiting for those black friday sales to start. we'll chat with jackie throughout the morning and chat with those in line. we'll be back.
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we're outside of the best buy this morning. where are you. >> san rafael. they started lining up last night. it's not so dramatic as the penole. can you see a dozen or so. getting up and putting in the oven. waiting for those black friday deals. let me tell you it is cold out here in the mid30s.
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they got in line around 10:30. and it doesn't open they have a long time ahead of them. and so i hope to be here and go out. a new i pad. i think it is kind of a ritual and they want to give up thanksgiving. wait in line. make a party of it. they are having a good time the other thing. it is cold. >> it is cold out here. >> i don't know that i will be sleeping on it through a ps 3 and more power to them. >> you know we were talking to people and out i bought one for
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me and hold on to an offer on ebay. and off set the cost for the first and one for free basically. >> i wonder if that isn't going on. >> reporter: you may see heightened increase of traffic on craigs list and ebay. and you know the thing is that used to be i would come out on black friday at 5:00. can you see the lines and most of the people would come out after they have had the thanksgiving dinner. now you are seeing people line up on thanksgiving and they seem like they are getting earlier and earlier. >> the sales and the opening doors are earlier and earlier let's see the stores that are opening. and we have, what. a list of stores. k mart, sears, toys r us opening their doors tonight. and then we have target opening
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up an hour later at 9. best buy and mac. why's will open at midnight. and the stone ridge shopping center and opening their doors at midnight for the first time. the malls will be opening up at midnight if you want to get your shopping done inside of a mall. local wal-mart workers are preparing to strike today. that's due to the retailer starting sales this evening. we have video. we showed this to you earlier. they were protesting outside of a wal-mart in california last month. and shoppers can expect to see similar scenes at stores in fairfield and san jose today. and they are demanding improved working conditions and better wages if they can. >> the company was founded on family values, it is hard to have the values when you cannot be with your family on holidays. >> we would like better pay
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that's not the objective, to end retaliation and give us respect we want and to improve the working conditions. >> there is an evening protest planned at the another store. that will start at 8:00 this evening. wal-mart has issued the statement they say the stores will be operating normally on black friday and customers will not see anything unusual. they go on to say, the so- called protests involve a handful of associates at stores and most of the protesters don't even work for wal-mart. more on that to come. pgh if you are going out today and standing in line let's see how cold. jacky said it was cold. >> it is cold out there. and 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. remember we had the rain yesterday, we had a lot of cloud cover and it kept the heat. today it is a different story
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and clear conditions in. i will not be surprised if some spots drop into the 30s. but later on this afternoon sunny skies will prevail. it will be pleasant. temperatures near average, as we head into tomorrow we'll continue with the sunshine. fair weather into the weekend. and some spots could reach the 70s for saturday and sunday and cooler as we start the next week and details on that in a bit. here is what is happening satellite and radar does not show any rain. high pressure in control. we are not seeing much in the way of cloud cover. as we take a look at those numbers and dropped to 39. 41 right now for number pa and downtown san francisco one of the more mild spots coming in at 50: as we take the numbers into the afternoon, 60s across the board.
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and daley city. and 65 and 66. and the kron 4 shows warmer weather right on the way. and saturday and sunday and the warmest of the weak. we will cool things down as we start the week. i have been checking on the extended models. and so i'll have more on the extended forecast coming up in a minute. traffic, i do have updates to talk about. the s the alert has been canceled. and it was a serious injury crash. they are running breaks. and you may encounter delays there. we have a new accident here in san francisco right before 280 and it was blocking the right hand lane. as we go outside to the toll
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plaza it is good. and cars are cruising and the same story here at the bridge no problems out to foster city. and golden gate bridge looks good. and lots of space between the cars and i have been checking with the traffic maps. we're seeing top speeds and 22 minutes into san francisco. preparations are complete for the glide meal. and it expects to serve from 5 to 6000 turkies and ham dinners to those in need. we'll be live later and the preparations. and we'll hear from the reverend cecil williams. this will be his 38th as pastor. we'll hear from him later on this morning as well. and speaking of traditions let's go to a live shot out of new york where preparations are underway there as well for the
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mac. why's thanksgiving day parade. it will be the 86th. we'll be back.
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we have been talking about that in the news lately. they are getting underway and a caterer. we have the story. you are kidding. >> yes. >> you had twinkies in a turkey. >> it tastes good. >> it's not what you think. and that would be animal molestation. and because he and his brother didn't like the turkey and liked twinkies their mom came
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up with turtwinky. here is the recipe. decream it. >> it is creamy. >> we're breaking it down we reserve the cream, that's the sweet and the sugar. we love the turkey. >> creating a filling. for a pan this size they added ten. >> it's not it will be too sweet. >> stuff and cook it. >> it took place at kennedy's restaurant. and time for the taste test. >> what about that skin. >> and again and hard to
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detect. >> reporter: once you survive them deployed as buns with cheese wiz what is a little twinkie. now time for dessert n new york. >> all right. we'll take a break and 4:42. let's go out.
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there is so much love in
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the air. i don't think that qualifies as a holiday bird. could you lose the horn, i'm telling a story here. welcome to the berkley bowl where they're offering buy one child get one free t must have been a bad bunch because she was bringing them back. buy one and get one free somehow these people managed to fit three cars in two spaces which leaves a driver a bit confused. she snaps photos. why did you take a picture. >> that's in the middle and i'm parking there. they are giving me a ticket, too. , and they go through the exit and they say they didn't see the sign. >> i didn't see it. i turned in, i didn't know.
4:47 am
>> is that on tv. >> people behaving badly. >> are you serious. >> i would like to congratulate the drivers that ignored it. >> the driers who thought the delivery was important enough to block the bike lane. the holidays bring out the best. what i mean by best is -- >> they are behaving badly. >> reporter: the morale is no matter what a rush you are in it is important to remain calm and observe the rules. wow, okay n stanley roberts in berkley. if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley let him know, people behaving badly. can you reach out to him on
4:48 am
twitter and facebook as well. now let's turn to weather. it is thanksgiving and a lot of people heading somewhere today to be with friends and family. good morning. >> it is the perfect day to do it. we don't have the rain like we did but it is colder out there. and a lot of 40s out there. and in concord. oakland 46. and downtown san francisco. one of the few spots in the 50s. and remember we are not even morning lows yet. that will be around sunrise and monitoring the numbers. satellite and a story to tell over the west. we are not seeing much in the way of cloud cover. we'll see the temperatures warmer and we could see 70s as we head into the weekend. let's look at the forecast and the highs.
4:49 am
everyone in the 60s. the temperatures will be very similar to what we saw, the difference is sky conditions. i don't think we'll see any clouds this afternoon. 65 and 66. very similar story in the east bay with fairfield and 64. we are not seeing much difference in the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. it will be cooler along the coast. 61 and 64 the afternoon high in san rafael. as we look at the forecast around dinner time, temperatures will be in the 60s. the 7 day around the forecast and warmer weather on the way. high pressure will build into the weekend. we will notice a cool down as we start the next work week. we are tracking some rain on the horizon wednesday into thursday. so watch it is a slim chance. i'll have more details coming
4:50 am
up. in traffic, we have some accidents a couple of them serious. the volume is light out there. it is a holiday. getting a look as the approach the toll plaza. and here at the bridge no problems getting there. no backup and smooth sailing. and 101. not much coming out of marin county. we are picking up traffic and an accident westbound and it is a holiday but it is unusual conditions here. and as we turn our attention to the rest of the bay, 80 and don't be surprised if you see the traffic.
4:51 am
we had an injury accident. and it managed to open most of the lanes but they could have some traffic breaks. >> thank you. now to national news the deadly outbreak of meningitis linked to tainted steroids is reaching 500. perts stay is unclear if it has peaked at this point. they are now developing infections and that's prompted another effort to those who got the shots. of the 500, 34 have died. the food and drug administration has given the okay now to the first seasonal flu vaccine made without chicken eggs which could be a help for those who are alarge took eggs. it is made using cultured animal cells and that process is faster than culturing them in eggs. and the vaccine is just as safe and effective as the traditional flu shot. but it was only for 18 and
4:52 am
older. the same has been used in europe for about five years now. and toyota is recalling about 150,000 mid-size pickups like you see on the screen because the spare tires can fall from under the trucks. the trucks from the 2001 and 2004 model years were sold in 20 cold weather states. the plate to hold the spare tire under the truck can rust after long exposure to salt. and that can break off and the tire will drop to the ground. dealers will inspect and replace any plates at no cost to the owners. lady liberty will not get visitors for the rest of the year. there is enough damage from sandy to keep the statue on ellis island closed. the problems include a ranger of falling because of broken barriers. and there is damage to the security screening area.
4:53 am
it caused flooding and buckled floors and shattered windows. it's not clear when it will reopen. coming up, more headlines. we have a look out of new york and preparations for the thanksgiving day parade. here is a look. that draws 50 million spectators around the nation and world. we'll be right back.
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we're back here. let's talk entertainment news. an actress is getting a divorce and carlie simon helped victims with a concert. we have the scoop in the hollywood minute.
4:56 am
>> and fiona apple is postponing her tour. and the she revealed the reason her 14-year-old dog is dying. she apologized to fans but said she is confident she made the right choice. the tour would start brazil next week. that's the hollywood minute. >> here is the 7-day around the bay forecast. it is cold as you head out the door this morning. no clouds but that heat we
4:57 am
collected radiated off into space leaving with us conditions in the 40s. maybe 390s for the protected valleys. chilly to start and 65 degrees. happy thanksgiving. > . beyond that we're looking good and warming it up into saturday and sunday. still ahead on the morning news. employees across the country are set to go on strike. how it could affect your shopping. putting a turkey on the table will cost you. you could be paying more at the store. we'll check in with a look at the forecast.
4:58 am
and watching the thanksgiving traffic. a lot of people hitting the streets.
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good morning and happy thanksgiving to you. we wake up this morning, thursday november 22nd. glide memorial church in san francisco is ready for the thanksgiving meal. we'll have a live report coming up. we'll have a live update where plaque friday starts this thursday this year. and the people camping nought line. let's gate update on that weather. let's go to the forecast. good morning and happy thanksgiving. it will be a nice one around the bay area. sunny skies as we head into the afternoon. we have to get there first. the temperatures are sitting in the 40s. we'll continue with clear conditions later and twill be
5:01 am
another cold one. so bundle up. dress in layers. 41 in napa. check out this update. and 37. and 46 over in fairfield seeing mid40s. on the shoreline a look at where the numbers will go coming up in the next report. robin. in major trouble spots out there but traffic is picking up slow traffic. >> we had an early problem. it was a overturned accident. you will see the crews on the scene wrapping up. the alert was canceled and blocking all lanes. that is no longer the case. and for the clean up but traffic is free along that stretch. and slow traffic here for you on westbound 4 through the zone. once you get to the side and it clears up and moves nicely. slowing for you here as well from 205 serging on to 580
5:02 am
westbound. you can see the speeds are dropping down. and no accidents along that stretch. >> very good. traffic has been unusual with people heading out of town to celebrate. we have a live look at three different traffic cameras for you. on the left is the bay bridge. on the right golden gate. then the san mateo in the lower right. and aaa said more than 90% of 493 million americans traveling this holiday will do so by car. that's a lot of traffic. they will make sure they are safe. make sure that you are abiding by the legal limit. preparations are complete now for the glide memorial church thanksgiving meal. to get it faster we want to turn to our reporter out there. and mike, it looks like they're ready to go out there.
5:03 am
>> reporter: they are just getting set up a lot left to do. preparations. lots of volunteers. hundreds are coming here today. you will see the stations set up. they are preparing a meal with all the fixings, they have to cut up the vegetables and the turkies on the left of the screen here. this is around 9:00. they are expecting to feed 5000 people in need this thanksgiving t runs until 2 so people can come down here and get a meal and experience thanksgiving today. they will serve breakfast from 7 to 8:30. can you see some of the volunteers and staffers are fill -- filtering in this morning and getting directions where to go. they are expecting a lot of people here about 5000 turkies and meals to out. again a couple hundred volunteers. this is a reminder they need
5:04 am
volunteers year round not just today. they are coming together to provide the meals for those in the community. they are looking for volunteers to help at least today, lot of families will get a slice of thanksgiving something maybe they would not normally have here today. james. >> it is amazing every year they do this. the amount of coordination and in detting -- getting all of this. it is amazing. so they are filtering in now. this is the prep area. where do they eat the meals in a neighboring room? >> they will slice up a lot of the food and bring it down. as you machined that preparation that goes into this. look at how well this is laid out. the vegetables in a dish. lots of work into the preparing of the meal a nice feast a lot of people going to enjoy that today. >> how about that. we'll follow the shot as things
5:05 am
get fired up there and they chop and cook and prep. great fun to watch. >> thank you for that. from giving thanks to giving gifts they are waiting for the black friday deals. and our solo reporter has been tracking the lines here in san rafael. >> reporter: it is cold out here. it is cold in the mid-30s. that's not stopping people who are in line here at the best buy. now according to some people the first person got in line around 6:30 last night. that's a far cry from some of the lines. they started lining up as early as sunday. they wanted to get out and not just that early. now the stores the best buy opened at midnight.
5:06 am
they have a long day ahead of them. i talked to one of them and hopefully his wife is not watching when she sees this. >> 40-inch going for 170. i will get it for a present for my wife. >> is she wondering where you are at? >> she is at home pregnant she has family there. i had to work this morning early so, that's where i'm at, at work, not in line. >> and now that is dedication, park. his wife is pregnant, it's thanksgiving, 5 a.m. he is sitting in a tent waiting to get a flat screen tv for her. a lot of people here are showing that same dedication. they have a long way to go. i think a lot said they would have friends bring out dinner for them so they are not left
5:07 am
out. they don't care they want the door busters. >> people are asking why they do this, is it for the financial savings or is it fun? >> reporter: some i think just have made it a ritual. i talked to people in the line that i have seen year after year they want to save money. they told me they will have friends bring out some meals and make a day of it. it is fun and save some money. >> here are some of the stores we have black friday with k mart sears toys r us. target they have the door busters at 9:00. best buy and mac. why's they are opening up at midnight. west field valley fair. and stone ridge.
5:08 am
those will be opening their doors at midnight for the first time. >> we'll update you on the front. and more on this as the news continues. and new york they are getting geared up. and kicking off there in new york. thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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welcome back. we have a developing story, celebrations here in gaza as the ceasefire between israel and the palestinians is holding. that is after eight days of fighting. several rockets that were fired into israel after the. there is no word of casualties or an israeli response.
5:12 am
>> and it. it all started with firing rockets. it will be guaranteed by on the not big supporters. and it takes effect at 11 and. they negotiated that peace with the secretary of state. we'll be watching israel this morning. and the gaza strip to see if the ceasefire holds. still ahead, new twist to this year's turkey pardoning. we'll explain it here in a
5:13 am
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5:15 am
we're back and just like
5:16 am
pie or football, the presidential pardoning of the turkey is a transition we enjoy. this was the 65th year that it has been done. but there was a new twist this time around a sign of the times and the white house allows facebook users to pick one of the two as the official national turkey. take a listen. >> you know they say life is about second chances. and this movement i could not agree more. so in the spirit of the season i have one more gift to give a pair of turkies named cobbler and gob ler. they have spoken. the birds are moving forward. love this birth.
5:17 am
>> visitors can to to virginia. on this thanksgiving we have our roof camera showing us a shot here. and on the right-hand side. good morning. it is actually 20 degrees colder. we had a lot of cloud cover and keeping the heat in. and 65 at 5 a.m. today is a different story. and some of our spots valleys. napa in the 40s it is future cost shows the temperatures will be around the seasonal
5:18 am
average as we head into the afternoon. everyone in the 60s. we'll cool it down quickly. and breaking down the afternoon highs 61 over in daley city and for hayward. and 67. we will see sunny skies around the area. and saturday and -- satellite and radar shows in over the west. we are dry, we will he is sunshine into the afternoon. warmer weather on the way. in the 70s. and in the 40s. and slightly cooler as we start the next work week. we have been checking out the models as of now, we have the
5:19 am
chance for rain. that was traffic. now to traffic. >> it is a holiday and people have the day off. and chp is responding to some problems. this is flooding and 680. and the lanes are flooded near the off ramp it is closed. if you plan on traveling along the stretch hop off before or after. traffic tracker not picking up traffic. you don't have to worry about the delays there as you approach the close aurora. and traffic is slow, a normal commute day heading owed to livermore. and it stretches through and the pittsburgh side and no
5:20 am
problem contacting with 680. and you will see a right lane and it was canceled. they had all lanes blocked. that's no longer the case. it is looking good as you work into france. and you are right across the bridge doing fine. and so far so good. and thank you. this morning a third person has died after eating toxic mushrooms at this facility. and officials say that this person died on saturday at the scenario home called to report the death. two others died and others ill after they ate the soup.
5:21 am
>> and there is no estimate on when the area will reopen. they're working on that now. 580 is open after police shut down all westbound lanes for two hours yesterday. take a look at the video and it is related to the suspects.
5:22 am
and an 18-year-old woman was found on an east oakland street after being assaulted. she is 18. she was abducted yesterday and assaulted after accepting a ride from someone on international boulevard near seminary in east oakland. the victim was drink to mountain would where the suspect assaulted her at knife point. the suspect is described as a hispanic male about mid-20s. 5'11" and a short, dark spiked hair and thin much tax. and the oakland city con 1eu8 is -- council is the new attorney. he will start work on december 17th. the port oversees the seaport which is the 15th busiest seaport. 20 miles of waterfront and properties are included in the
5:23 am
area. let's take a look here at the bridge as we take a break. we'll take a live look here. here is the view out of, i believe that's a soup kitchen that the president worked at yesterday. he is encouraging americans to take time today during the holiday weekend and volunteer and do something to help out your fellow neighbors. here is a look. the we're looking at 64 later on this afternoon. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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we're back at 5:25. consumers shopping for thanksgiving have seen the prices on tar with last year with the exception of one idea. we have a look at the cost of the dinner. >> reporter: be thankful the cost is only up slightly. according to the federation the
5:27 am
cost of a thanksgiving dinner for ten with turkey and sides is 49.48 this year. up 28 cents. >> the volume of that basket sup half a percent. so not very much actually. >> reporter: the bulk is the turkey up to 22.23. >> it competes with other products. turkey production is higher, it's not an issue not being available but the meat prices have gone up. >> the drought didn't have much of an impact on thanksgiving prices. lags in food product make it too soon. other items those ingredients like onions, eggs, sugar and butter is up. and rolls up 3 cents. the biggest drop whipping cream down followed by stuffing and sweet potatoes. >> all right. welcoming up, a few more
5:28 am
headlines for you and more updates here on the holiday. we're looking at weather and black friday sales and the lines are forming. we're following the latest out of new york where the 86th annual thanksgiving day parade is getting ready to kick off in new york city. look for new versions of hello kitty and other balloons. they have the welcome elf. and papa smurf. we'll be back. get 36 months interest-free financing through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train, and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set.
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when brands compete, you save. but mattress price wars ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend, at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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we are back looking at france. dry and clear and cold. all that is what we're waking up to on this thanksgiving holiday. let's get a update on the forecast. >> well the cold is the word. some locations in the 30s. the temperatures between 10 and 20 cooler. but it is a dry one around the
5:31 am
bay area. later on today the sun will shine, temperatures in the 60s. a forecast and clear and conditions. they will drop and into tomorrow slightly warmer. we'll see the sun and a look at the forecast and the rest of the holiday coming up in the next report. >> thank you very much. minor traffic problems this morning. if you plan on using eastbound 80, keep in mind chp is dealing with an accident. and 4:00 this morning. this is eastbound 80. it is pretty much in the clearing stages. it was blocking all lanes. and it is for the final clean up. we have a small problem with flooding. if you are traveling in that direction you will not exit at vac lin. pgh from northbound 680 closed until further notice.
5:32 am
hop off before or after. and it is not picking up any slowing. can you get by without a delay. >> very good. preparations are underway for the glide memorial meal and here are the live shots from inside. and our reporter there giving us an accident of how things are going. and everything is laid out and ready for the volunteers. >> that's right. they should be showing up in a half hour. they will get a briefing on who will doing do what. and they will be coming in about 6:00. you know this has been like 30 years of serving the moot here at glide memorial. they will be serving a 5000 meals that's quite a bit of turkey carving and preparations that they are doing. we'll talk to one of the directors here at glide memorial. this is jean. how are you. >> how are you today.
5:33 am
>> good. >> can you tell me about, you know what are the challenges in trying to put off the thanksgiving dinners this year? >> generally every year it is trying to meet the needs in the community with some resources, appropriate resources. this year we started planning in august. it was about getting people to donate so we could put on our events. and today it is getting the volunteers together, the food and reaching out to the community. >> you said that you have 5000 volunteers? >> no we have over 500, more than that. we have people drop in all day long. we're serving close to or over 5000. >> you are talking about. it is great to have the vol unyears. >> the holiday brings it out.
5:34 am
on the 26th. we need help, too. so people are interested in supporting us. we don't have. >> and a couple of volunteers today, right. >> we have all kinds of people. >> ryan scott he will come in at noon. >> and breakfast. it. and then we have the dinner 9 to 2 things will get busy here. >> and people have been lining up for the the deals. to get you news faster let's go to jacky. he is at the best buy.
5:35 am
do you know when the first person got there. and they got in line last night. i have to think about it. you talk about them opening up. they have started lining up earlier and earlier. we saw people on monday that had been in line. let's. and they still have a long way and they're shoving themselves into sleeping bags. it is cold in the 30s out here. that's not i talked to a couple
5:36 am
and why. >> we saw the line. >> i need a x box 360. >> you need it? >> i need it. >> i got here at like 10:30 on wednesday. and so maybe over 24 hours. roughly. give or take. >> it is cold out here. >> this not cold. >> i need an x box, they don't care. they will bring over a meal for them. and we get into thanksgiving this line will extend around the corner. ky tell you they have the barricades in place waiting for
5:37 am
people to arrive. they will be arriving in the next couple of hours. >> and the lines are growing. >> a look at the stores that will be opening up and it seems to be the tradition for a lot of people. football, turkey and out to the stores with the k mart and wal- mart opening up tonight. target opening up at 9:00. best buy where jacky is. other shopping. stone ridge. they will be opening at midnight tonight for the first time. >> the mall available to you at midnight we'll take a break. we have a live look. checking the view here. we mentioned the stone ridge mall. that's south along 680 here. blam ♪
5:38 am
♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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we're back. not everyone is happy that some stores will be opening up
5:41 am
today. wal-mart workers are preparing to strike. you may see them as you head out for your sales. this is video of employees that were protesting outside of a wal-mart last month. and today you could very well see a similar scene in stores or at stores in fairfield and richmond and now all this started when the employees were upset because they had to work on thanksgiving. we talked about how it is opening up early on thursday. but now they're demanding things like improved working conditions. if they can maybe get some better wages out of this. there is a protest that's planned. >> it was fonded on family values it is hard to have that when you cannot be with your family on the holidays. >> we would like better pay that's not the main objective. it is just to end retaliation and the respect that we want. and to improve the working conditions. >> there will be an evening
5:42 am
protest at a store there. that's at 8:00. we'll be there with our cameras. and it issued a statement and they will be operating normal on black friday and customers will not see anything unusual and there will not be delayed. >> a handful of associates and they say they don't even work for wal-mart. we'll take a break here. when we come back a decision has been made which quarterback will be starting for the 49ers on sunday. here is a look outside of the parade. we'll be back with more thanksgiving coverage in a moment.
5:43 am
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welcome back. watching a quarterback controversy. no controversy for the next game as collin kaepernick will
5:46 am
get the start. the decision to start him is not based on smith's uncertain health status. smith was limited to practice yesterday in practice and he was limited work out there. he has yet to be cleared after he suffered a concussion. he tossed two touchdowns in his first game and earned good post-game reviews against the bears. alex smith sidelined. we'll see if he can do a repeat thank you. here is a look outside. two live looks. san francisco on the left. walnut creek if you are on the peninsula or east bay you are waking up to cold and crisp conditions on this thursday. let's find out about the waste of the day with erica. >> a lot of people are in bed. >> you don't have to leave until dinner if you are out and
5:47 am
about. temperatures in the 40s. and some temperatures in the 30s. sunshine later for your thanksgiving holiday a similar story as we head into tomorrow. we'll keep it around and dry and pleasant and into the weekend with temperatures in the 70s. now future cast take as look at the temperatures and where they will go. 2 p.m. later. and where we'll see the 60s. as we push it into motion here at 7 p.m. we'll cool it down into 590s. cooler inland. as we take a look at your neighborhood, mid-60s and 64 and 65 and a very similar story. pittsburgh at 65. 6 # on top. low 60s and similar for san francisco. 64 on tap for san rafael. going to ocean beach and
5:48 am
satellite and record the key to the bigger weather story. high pressure building over the west. we're seeing clear conditions. sunshine into the afternoon and a bit of a warm up as we head into the weekend. the forecast highlights that. looks like the temperatures will be warmer than average. cooler as we start the next work week. we have another round of wet weather slated for wednesday into thursday. good morning. so far so good. no hot spots out there this morning. it is quiet. we do have a minor trouble spot here in the east bay. 680. and the off ramp is temporarily closed. no word as to when they will have that open. gettingny both directions. you are doing just fine. and checking your commute on westbound 580 a little
5:49 am
sluggish. normal commute traffic, not a major backup. no problems or accidents but it is crowded heading through merging on to 580 westbound. a you have two lanes a normal slow spot and pittsburgh. and you reach 680 and out to concord and walnut creek. looking good. heading to the airport for the holiday and 87. nice and light. and lights off no delays there. and looking good as you are work between the peninsula and traffic at the on both sides of the span. hardly any cars. 101 looking good. >> thank you for that. the deadly outbreak of meningitis linked to steroid
5:50 am
injections is approaching 500 cases. experts say it is unclear if it has peaked or not. many patients who got the meningitis are developing secondary infections. that is prompting another effort to contact people who received the shots. 34 people have died from the shots. toyota is recalling with bee 150,000 midsize pickups. the tires can call from under the trucks. they were sold in 2001 and 2004. they were the model years. they were registered in 20 cold weather states. and the plate to hold the tire can rust after long exposure to road salt. that's why this is a problem in cold weather states. it can rust enough it breaks and drops the tire to the ground. dealers will inspect any damage and replace any plates at no cost to the owner.
5:51 am
and well over to new york now where lady liberty will not get visitors for the rest of the year. the park service said there is enough damage to keep the salt eye and nearby ellis island closed. the problems include a danger of falling because there are broken barriers. there are reports of damage from the screening areas. it caused flooding and shattered windows. >> it's not clear when they will reopen. the fate of the tw-frpbgy has been decided. the company will be liquidated. that's after the latest attempt to bay and benefits dispute with the union failed. the move allows the company to start selling off the recipes and bakeries to the highest bidder. the operation shut down last week following days of strikes
5:52 am
who were opposed to concessions that the company was offering. dozens of bakeries and interests will now be shuttered. well, just want to remind you that a new episode of dr. phil will be airing at 10 today. it is called unbearable in laws a woman said her in laws will not accept her because of the color of her skin. we'll talk more about that. the family is african-american and she is white. the husband is caught if the middle. don't miss this episode again at 10 after the morning news. we'll take a break here and the bridge as we go. traffic is fine. people head out for thanksgiving lunch or dinner. and 43 degrees. cold this morning. should warm up to 64 later today.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
we're back at 5:55. that would be the mother lode of black friday newspaper. that's the daily star in tucson. it is set to release the 870- page black friday shopping guide. circulation from dozens of stores are included. it will way five pounds. people will be carrying that around. this is the biggest paper of the year. let's bring it back here. we have a look out of walnut creek we check on the weather. it is cold. 44 now a lot of areas around the day. and a nice day today with sunshine. temperatures up to 66. at everyone celebrates thanksgiving today.
5:57 am
>> here is the forecast. we're looking for the cold weather to stay with us into tomorrow. the morning cold weather. but our temperatures are warming as we head into the weekend. we're looking for saturday. but the lows will be in the 40s and 590s for the period. but day time highs will be mild heading into the week a nice looking forecast for the holiday weekend. at 6:00. black friday is off to a start. shoppers lined up. some have been lined up all week long. the latest in a live report. >> and the thanksgiving day parade at 6:00 this morning. can you see preparations under way there in new york city. we'll show you the live pictures here this morning. and a check of the forecast. we'll break it down and talk with erica coming up. [ crickets chirping ]
5:58 am
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